Amplim Non-Contact Touchless Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer Review

Oct 28, 2020 | Reviews | 0 comments

Why would you need a non-contact digital thermometer?

Nowadays, when COVID-19 is all around, it’s particularly important to monitor your health, as well as your family’s. One of the first COVID-19 symptoms seems to be an elevated body temperature, and this is what it’s all about. So how can this non-contact infrared thermometer review help you?

Simply, non-contact thermometers, tipically digital thermometers, are much easier to operate and do not require direct contact with the subject. They are fast and accurate and bring results in a matter of seconds. You can immediately know if everything is OK with you or your baby.

Just look at this short video where we give you some more info on one of the non-contact thermometers available today on Amazon.

Amplim Non-Contact Touchless Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer is

  • SAFE FOR ALL: Our noninvasive, contact free thermometers are more comfortable, hygienic, and easier to use than rectal, oral, ear, or armpit thermometers; For use on adults, children, toddlers, or infants; Termometro para bebes o adultos; Ideal for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals
  • FAST + ACCURATE: Large, color-coded smart LCD screen lights up green for normal and red for elevated body temperatures; Audible fever alarm sounds at temperatures greater than 100.4° F
  • GREAT VALUE: Features include memory storage capacity for last 60 readings; object mode will scan a liquid (such as milk), object, surface, or room; Celsius or Fahrenheit settings; night light; auto-off; energy saving capabilities
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Sleek, modern design sets these thermometers apart from other ‘gun’ thermometers; Portable and handheld; Includes 2 AAA batteries
  • QUALITY: Trusted American company; Meets CE and FDA standards and regulations; FSA HSA approved; Factory tested and comes with 2 year warranty

It works flawlessly

When we first got it, we were surprised by its light weight. After inserting the batteries (included!), the big LCD screen came to life.

The first thing we did was to point it at everyone’s forehead, having a little fun. It just works, and that’s it.

Beside the obvious use, it also supports measuring the room temperature, as well as object temperature. The later can be used to measure your baby’s milk temperature, for instance, or any other object’s temperature within the digital thermometer limits.


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