Are You Succumbing to an Overload of Stress?

Nov 11, 2019 | Stress | 0 comments

People tend to believe that any and all stress is a bad thing when it comes to stress. Nevertheless, that’s not inherently true. A bit of stress can be valuable – it’s what drives you to improve and assists you feel forced to do good ideas or get out of a bad scenario. But still, succumbing to an overload of stress may prove catastrophic to your life and it’s mandatory that you get the stress under control.

Too much stress causes you to establish bad routines, and can leave you open to a number of physical and mental problems. You must know there are two forms of stress, and they’re not referred to very frequently.

Forms Of Stress

Initially, you have distress, which is what you typically relate to stress. This is anything unfavorable, such as being fired from a job and trying to determine how to manage. Distress isn’t truly great in any way.

On the other hand, there’s something called eustress, which is the good kind of stress. Eustress could imply anything positive that just happens to put pressure on you. This could be something like getting a promo at your job.

You’re delighted to get the promo, however you know that you’re quickly going to have higher obligations, meaning that you’re going to feel forced to work even harder than you generally do.

Eustress, in moderate amounts, is what you wish to have so that you’re driven and inspired. You’re going to feel nearly thrilled to tackle your new problems if you’re experiencing eustress.

It’s something that you know is going to be a difficulty, however it’s by no means beyond your skillset. You understand that it’s possible to overcome it, but it’ll take a little effort. This feeling can really impact your performance and help you do better than you usually would.

Is Distress Good?

Distress has no favorable advantages to it whatsoever. It triggers you to feel anxious, and can even result in things like anxiety. This is the kind of stress that can put you in a panic, and can make you either do a bad job on something or can make you avoid it for as long as possible. A great example of this would be financial stress.

Distress comes from inherently negative experiences that you might go through, and if left unattended, it can rapidly take control of and overload you. Keep your stress levels balanced out.

If you let too much distress in your life, you’ll begin to feel the negative results of it quite rapidly, which can cause a lot of complications. Focus your efforts on things that challenge you, however are within reason.

Overload Of Stress

When it comes to stress, people tend to believe that any and all stress is a bad thing. A little bit of stress can be useful though – it’s what drives you to improve and helps you feel forced to get or do great things out of a bad situation. Getting into a stage when overload of stress manipulates your behaviour is however critical.

You have distress, which is what you usually associate with stress. On the other hand, there’s something called eustress, which is the good kind of stress.


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