Symptoms and signs of Pregnancy

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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy Explained

The onset and degree of early symptoms and signs of pregnancy will differ greatly between women. Numerous women experience them within days of conception. Others take a few weeks prior to pregnancy signs start and a fortunate few feel no discomfort at all. As soon as implantation happens (8-10 days from ovulation) and will decrease after the first trimester, the early pregnancy signs noted here typically can be felt. It is annoying to realize that numerous pregnancy signs are really comparable to those that take place right prior to menstruating. However, combined with high temperatures and a longer luteal phase – they are crucial signs that you are pregnant!

Signs of pregnancy

Body Temperature

The body goes through some changes during ovulation. There’s a little increase in body temperature level after ovulation takes place.

Mapping the body temperature level with a basal thermometer (purchased from a trusted store) each early morning prior to getting out of bed can assist tell if ovulation is around. This method is not too accurate though. For the release of eggs from the ovary, luteinizing hormonal agent or LH hormone is accountable and its levels in the body surge about three days prior to ovulation happens.


Cervical mucus approach

Cervical mucous is that part of the vaginal discharge that transfers on the crotch of underwear. The main purpose of cervical mucous is to either to avoid things from going into the uterus through the cervix. Or, to offer nutrition and assistance move the sperm through the cervix into the uterus.

The consistency of the cervical mucous (part of the vaginal discharge) changes consistency through all stages of the menstruation. Cervical mucus becomes clear, watery, elastic, and slippery; and is often compared to the texture of raw egg whites, which helps the sperm to move up towards the ovum (female eggs).

Tracking the texture of this discharge helps knowing when ovulation is taking place, and is called the cervical mucus approach.

Ovulation Kits

Just like house pregnancy kits, house screening ovulation kits are offered at the pharmacies. These kits check the LH levels in urine and tell the time of ovulation. This is a hassle-free and extremely accurate approach, possible by getting an ovulation set from a trusted medical store.


If you have actually a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome or disease (PCOS/PCOD), you might get multiple favorable outcomes, even if you aren’t ovulating, making the kits useless.

Websites and apps

There are likewise apps and sites that track your ovulation by requesting some personal information and dates about the body and its menstruations. Through this, they forecast when ovulation is most likely to occur for a particular person. Through tracking of the ovulation cycle for a while, one can know around which day of the menstruation their ovulation generally happens, or know their ovulation calendar.

Other symptoms of ovulation

Some girls experience modifications when they are ovulating like:

  • a brief discomfort or dull pains felt on one side of the abdominal area
  • small cramping or pain on the left side of pelvis/abdomen
  • an increased desire for sex
  • a bloated abdomen
  • a keener sense of smell, taste, or vision
  • light spotting
  • breast tenderness


The early pregnancy signs listed here generally can be felt as soon as implantation occurs (8-10 days from ovulation) and will reduce after the very first trimester.

The body undergoes some changes during ovulation. Mapping the body temperature with a basal thermometer each early morning before getting out of bed can assist inform if ovulation is around. Just like house pregnancy kits, house testing ovulation packages are readily available at the pharmacies. Through tracking of the ovulation cycle for a while, one can know around which day of the menstrual cycle their ovulation usually happens, or know their ovulation calendar.


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