High Cortisol Levels Can Damage Your Memory as You Age

Apr 17, 2020 | Stress, Anti Aging | 0 comments

Cortisol often gets a bad track record. It’s blamed for anything and whatever that occurs with getting stressed out. That being said, it’s real in such a way. When you’re stressed out non-stop, you continually produce cortisol, which is not what it’s implied to be utilized for.

High Cortisol Levels Can Damage Your Memory as You Age

How can high Cortisol levels damage your memory?

It’s suggested to provide you an increase for a short-term stressful situation like the need to survive, however your body does not know rather how to deal with longer term demanding circumstances. One thing that cortisol does in brief bursts is neglect your requirement for long term memory in favor of short term memory.

In a brief circumstance, this is actually quite beneficial, however problems quickly occur when your body continues to produce it over an extended amount of time. If you have high cortisol levels for awhile, you’re going to wind up disregarding parts of your body that deal with long term memory, leading them to become harmed from a lack of use.

Our memories depend on them being used consistently in order to remain practical and healthy. This is why things like flashcards assist you study – due to the fact that you’re having to continuously train that part of your brain to remember something over and over once again.

High Cortisol Levels Can Damage Your Memory as You Age

With high cortisol levels, you’ll rarely be remembering anything from your long term memory, and with that, it’ll start to break down. By overlooking your long term memory, you’ll rapidly start to forget things.

People you’ve met one or two times will begin to become strangers, and you might find yourself reestablishing yourself to them eventually. You might forget how to do a particular activity that you utilized to delight in, given that you’ve fallen out of practice with it.

You will, nevertheless, have the ability to recall things from your recent memory rather well, though this might be to a fault. If you’re able to overanalyze whatever that occurred throughout your day, you may end up developing a kind of stress and anxiety.

If you’re continuously able to bear in mind every little error, every slip up, and every moment that caused you to be nervous, you can develop some problems rapidly. Memory loss is an extremely major thing, and when you lose those memories, there’s no real way to get them back.

You require to get your stress and cortisol levels under control if you want to prevent being in an almost Alzheimer’s state early in life. Eliminating stress or managing it at healthy levels isn’t just about feeling good– it’s about securing your lifestyle and your physical and mental health.

How you can manage your stress levels easily

There’s a number of ways to manage stress and anxiety and keep them all under control. Some of them might be

  • engaging in social events with your loved ones
  • relaxing through methods like aromatherapy or acupressure
  • sleeping enough and well
  • keeping a close eye on stress biomarkers
  • making sure about your financial future

and many more.


Cortisol often gets a bad credibility. It’s blamed for anything and everything that comes along with getting stressed out. When you’re stressed out non-stop, you continuously produce cortisol, which is not what it’s suggested to be utilized for.

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